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OH YEAH BABY!!!! We are on the prowl!  I want to share the stories that we experience at Artillery AG and our amazing home we call the Mission.  Most of you know us as that fresh gallery/boutique on 24th St. yep that is us but there is more. We are a familia of 4 artists, Ivan Lopez aka the painter, Alyssa Aviles aka the print maker, Lucia Leal aka the film maker, and yours truly Lexmex the loud mouth photographer. I will unfold the story of each in-casa artist in time but for right now I'm going to keep this post short & sweet.  We are trying to be EPIC but we need help from YOU, yes you, and are...

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For those who have never experience Artillery AG, we welcome you.  May 30, 2009 Artillery A.G. blossomed in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. Artists/Founders Ivan Lopez & Alexa Treviño set out to establish an alternative space that embodies the Bay Area entrepreneurial artistic spirit. Artillery A.G. has dedicated its time to create an organic network of 80+ Artists and Designers from all walks of life. Consistently evolving with our in house artists along side the 80+ Bay Area artists and designers, Artillery demonstrates the sweat & passion in our craft. Making products with a purpose to move you. We work together to promote peace, love, & education through art while bridging different communities together.We have been able to...

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