Artillery AG l POWER ANIMAL from VITAMIN on Vimeo.

OH YEAH BABY!!!! We are on the prowl! 

I want to share the stories that we experience at Artillery AG and our amazing home we call the Mission. 

Most of you know us as that fresh gallery/boutique on 24th St. yep that is us but there is more. We are a familia of 4 artists, Ivan Lopez aka the painter, Alyssa Aviles aka the print maker, Lucia Leal aka the film maker, and yours truly Lexmex the loud mouth photographer. I will unfold the story of each in-casa artist in time but for right now I'm going to keep this post short & sweet. 

We are trying to be EPIC but we need help from YOU, yes you, and are big beautiful famila of Artists, Musicians, Activists, Teachers, & Healers. That is what makes Artillery that sweet spot that makes you feel all tingly inside. 

This is just the introduction, the beginning of sharing our stories that unfold in front of us every day. Please share with me, let me know how we can grow together. I will feature the artists & designers that come in the space, best food spots according to my belly, current events, marches, & community gatherings. 

Here are the highlights of the day:

Nate 1 came though with a fresh supply of screen printed Sutro Tower hoodies and prints of the city he painted. Check him out at the shop or online www.nate1design.com

In the community, well it was a sad day for SF. The Jury ruled that 4 SFPD officers who shot and killed a Alex Nieto in Bernal Heights Park two years ago did not use excessive force. Send your prayers and love to the Nieto family and if you want to hear what the community thinks there will be a memorial/community gathering tonight at the Mission Cultural Center of Latino Arts at 6pm.

Remember #artisgoodforyouhomie 

Peace- Alexa