M.E. WE A better ME makes a better WE.
12-13-14 will be a tribute to five years of production painting supported by the San Francisco / Mission community. 
M.E.: Mother Earth M.E. WE
The foundation of humanity's success can be entirely attributed to Mother Earth. Our collective "civilized world" would not exist without food, raw materials and ancient ecosystems - mountains and valleys and rivers.
The better M.E. is created if when we empathize & understand Mother Earth.
A world that is educated about how nature soothes our every need and shepherds our ecosystem is possible.
To live in a world reckless in consumption ignorant about the origin of goods doesn't need to be our Value structure.
WE can dream of creating a new value structure based on cooperation and sharing.
What YOU CAN do:
Planting trees/plants learning and growing food, understanding where water comes from, learning about birds animals fishes, learning about earths ecosystems. The Blue Economy Gunter Pauli

Artillery is proud to present Aprovecha, new work by in house Artist LexMex. 
Take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, as time passes they will never return. LexMex will be presenting images from the Peruvian Amazons to Beautiful Bay of San Francisco, capturing moments from the landscape and the people. She will be exhibiting her signature style of “wood photography” in high saturation color. 

We are also thrilled to debut Vamára Long Boards in collaboration with Lexmex. Hand Crafted long boards made in San Francisco by Artisan Pedro Alvarez. They will be working together in a series Limited Edition Long Boards for your viewing pleasure. 

SF Mission’s Finest DJ A Boogie will be on the 1’s & 2’s 
Art is good for you Homie!


"As a cultural activist/artist/ printmaker, I have dedicated my art to supporting and being part of a global movement for social change. My works have addressed many issues as it relates to local communities of color, social justice, and international struggles for liberation.

The turbulent times of the 70’s set the tone for my creative approach to creating a social art. The Chicano, (United Farm workers Union) African American, Middle East, Asian and Native American struggles for equality, peace and justice helped shape a consistent theme for my art. My development and introduction to silkscreen printing by mentors and Chicano artist, Rupert Garcia and Malaquias Montoya, guided my subsequent community and political poster involvement.

In 1997, I produced my first linocut after many years as primarily a poster maker while teaching art in the San Francisco County Jail’s Arts Program. My approach and influence with regards to the relief printing process has been the social realist tradition of Latin American artists, (Jose Guadalupe Posada, Leopoldo Mendez, American artist Elizabeth Catlett and Canadian artist Leonard Hutchinson, to name a few. 

My focus has continued to be the figure or portrait as a means to tell a story, elaborating on the human condition. My relief work has included two series, one of mother and child. The theme was a synthesis of basic and primal elements of sustenance, survival and strength reflected by the bond between mother and child. The second series was of people carrying objects, or in the process of work. This carrying of things has been a metaphor for the heavy load on one’s shoulder through experiences of living. I have been an artist and cultural activist in the San Francisco community for over thirty years and a mentor to many young emerging artists. My early poster art is now part of the historical Chicano Poster Movement."

- Juan R. Fuentes

We are not alone. We share this world with an infinite number of incredible creatures, many of which few will ever meet. We are the youngest of all these creatures and we are the most SALVAJE . We are the most destructive and the most selfish. You also possess the power to be the most creative and the most giving.

This exhibition peaks into the life of a young man on a journey from SALVAJE to SALVAGE. Communicating through untamed brush strokes a larger story of how a small change can manifest in the greater picture.
Opening Reception: November 23rd 2013 7-11 pm  
Artillery AG. 2751 Mission St San Francisco CA 94110

"If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys." - Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation.



Tech Shop in partnership with Artillery A.G. is bringing together a community of eight strong San Francisco creative individuals under one space. March 28th will be the first of four competitive collaborative live art projects. To accompanying the live art performance a variety of Tech Shop members will be displaying a collection of enticing creations.  ARTNREC’s mission is to build a creative network/movement of people utilizing art as a cultural bridge to bring forth an amazing collaborative collection of art projects that thrive.

Event overview:Each event will consist of two teams of four artists focused on creating one collaborative art piece, LIVE. Teams will be given a large canvas, a social theme, and provided with a selection of materials. Each team will have 3hrs to bring together their individual talents to create one amazing collaborative art piece. The 8 creative participants will also have the opportunity to show case and sell their own work in the space along side the work of Tech Shop finest members. 

At the climax of the event the audience will vote for the most stunning piece, participating winners will receive 2 free classes at Tech Shop and a one month membership. The audience will also have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction for that evenings art creations.