Artillery transform: OPEN CALL Artist, Collaborators Curators.


Artillery Gallery, San Francisco

In Spring 2017, Artillery Gallery will transition to being primarily a gallery event space.

We are looking for artists who would like to exhibit their work and participate in monthly shows.

We are looking for a handful of “member curators” who will join us in being active collaborators in operating and curating the space, including having to access to a space to sell their own work. As a collective of member curators, we want to collectively pool the funds and labour required to keep this space active and thriving.

We will now be open for event rentals such as photo shoots, film screenings, private events, workshops, and gatherings, in order to bring diverse communities into the space. This will enable us to create revenue for a vibrant community where creative actions can flourish.

Mission Statement
At Artillery Gallery, we believe and want to create a collaborative economic platform that brings artists, designers, and craftspeople together to become a community based in mutual respect and support. In times of transition, both locally, nationally, and internationally, we strive to create a safe space where creative people of all stripes may flourish and achieve economic success and stability.


For Member Curators - Services Include:

  • Access to a prime Bay Area location in the heart of San Francisco (24th St and Mission) With a consistent flow of foot traffic. This location has an existing eight year history of being a cultural creative hub in the Mission, as featured on publications such as Mission Local, 7x7, The Guardian, and Modern Hieroglyphics.
  • Every month there will be an open studio on the 2nd Friday with music and refreshments.  We will actively host other events in the space as well, past events have included  MAPP, Sofar Sound, Rakas album release, Quita penas album release, Community Gatherings, and private events. These events will give members further exposure and sales past the usual hours of operation.
  • Access to a photo space with lights and equipment and a photographer to document art work onsite. Photographer service are an additional fee.
  • Access to a backyard for additional event space.
  • Dimensions of each space: 10ft wide x 12ft tall x 4ft deep. Each space has unique aspects and can be appreciated best in person. There is creative freedom to visually style the space to reflect the uniqueness of each member.
  • An opportunity to meet and interact with clients and do direct sales onsite.



  • Member curators contribute to the rent and operating costs. Members receive 90% of their sales. 10% goes to credit card processing and packaging.
  • Hours: Daily hours of operation are 12pm-7:00pm. Off hours can be scheduled 9am-12pm or 7pm-11:30pm if one manages oversight of the gallery.
  • As a creative community we are here to help and support each other. We expect members to be respectful and mindful of other members. We strive for all members to activate contribute in make the gallery a safe space.
  • For artists who are not interested in becoming member curators, but would like to exhibit work, 45% of a sale goes to the artist, 45% will go to the gallery, and 10% will go to credit card processing and packaging.

Application Process

If you are interested in collaborating with us and becoming a member curator, we ask that you submit a link to your portfolio, whether a website or uploaded pdf, as well as an personal statement that describes your creative pursuits and why you would want to be involved.

We recommend artists come visit the space and see the space for themselves and feel out the possibilities

Live Events

Creative Entrepreneurs Wanted