La Sierra Suspira // Nov 28th 2015 7-10pm

 Ivan Alexa


Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez is a passionate designer, artist, entrepreneur, and creator.  Founder of Artillery A.G,  Ivan has been with the gallery since 2009 when it first blossomed in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. Ivan, alongside Alexa Treviño, set out to establish an alternative space that embodies the entrepreneurial, artistic spirit of the Bay Area. Ever since then, Artillery A.G. has dedicated its time to create an organic network of 80+ artists and designers from all walks of life.
Ivan’s fervor for creating pulls him into various self-guided creative projects, as he searches for a holistic approach to life’s profound questions around economics, spirituality, nature and humanity.
He lives to learn and transmit knowledge through art and design. His paintings are inspired by creatures that live out their entire existence in harmony with the one earth we share. His newest explorations in colors and strokes ripple through La Sierra Suspira where he creates elemental compositions through waves of energetic light, inspired by the emission spectrum that communicates life.
Alexa “LexMex” Treviño
Alexa “LexMex” Treviño is a Xicana artist that resides in the Mission District of San Francisco. In 2009, she established Artillery A.G. alongside Ivan Lopez and continues to be a resident artist and curator. Working with various artists from the Mission and the Bay, she seeks to bring consciousness to the community by hosting collaborative art exhibits and live music performances at Artillery AG.
LexMex focuses on “wood photography” merging images of her travels throughout Latin America and San Francisco, Califas. Photography has allowed her to step inside the individual she captures, showing true fragments of life, displaying the harsh beauty and reality of the world. She wants her audience to grasp the fact that happiness is different in all communities and learning from one another, we can all flourish. For La Sierra Suspira, LexMex will focus on collage work from portraits of Elders & Medicine (Wo)man around the world.
Joti Dee
A woodworker and creative, Joty aspires for intentional design, blending the urban and natural into soft and reflective compositions. In woodworking, she avoids production and instead chooses to craft unique pieces by hand, using material she finds from local house re-models or in reuse yards. Her craft has recently taken her to exhibit design, curating exhibits and concepts around well-being.
Her work in La Sierra Suspira will feature inspiration from the textile art of the Kuba tribe, who often used complex geometrical patterning and symbols to convey social implications. On a personal level, Joti often uses the triangle in her work as a symbol of femininity and strength, invoking the mysticism of the mountains.
From her twinkly warehouse studio in Oakland, California, she hopes something she does touches others and she can be inspired in turn.
 creates elemental compositions through waves of energetic light, inspired by the emission spectrum that communicates life.