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Know Your Roots Marketplace Vendors

Get to know the vendors popping up at our first Know Your Roots Marketplace!

Mayari Sol Creations (IG @mayari.sol.creations)

Ceramics and Pizza | Mayari Sol Creations is deeply rooted in the healing practices of the Earth, weaving elements of her ancestral lineage into the handcrafted pieces she makes. Incorporating grounding personal intentions into each vessel, especially ones used for daily rituals, like altar adornments, teapots, candle holders and incense burners, she believes clay is a conduit for the energy frequency of the intentions. Reflecting on her own diaspora, many of her pieces arerepresented with work inspired by Filipinx textiles, batok (tattoo), and native landscapes and ecology. In traditional mythology, Mayari is the guardian of the moon, and the moon herself.

Sunny Zhang (IG @sunnyzjewelrydesign)

Handmade Jewelry | Sunny Z Jewelry Design was born from the passion of my creative spirit. Each piece is carefully and lovingly handcrafted, conceived from my often meandering and whimsical imagination, and sourced from the very best materials from many treasure hunts and travels. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece, ready to be part of your own treasure trove of jewels, gems, and adornments that bring you joy. This jewelry line is an homage to the beautiful, bold, and empowered woman and being, a being who embraces their colorful spirit, eclectic taste, and truly amazing individuality and inner-strength. This jewelry is made for you.

Veronica Mayes (IG @blossoming_moon)

Custom Dressed Candles | Veronica was born and raised in San Francisco. Guided by her ancestors and the plants, a bruha and an herbalist, she specializes in custom dressed candles and tinctures.

Moriah Mensing (IG @theadvocatecoffee)

Custom Digital Prints + Coffee | I am originally from a small town out of the San Luis Obispo County area, but fell in love with the Bay Area and have established my roots here for now. I transitioned to San Jose over 10 years ago to continue my education at San Jose State University and graduated with a degree in Social Work. I believe in passion led businesses, artistic expressions, and community building. That together we can make meaningful connections in our communities and support each other in compassionate ways. A few other fun facts about myself is that I am an artist at my core and heart, so incorporating a good routine surrounding this is a necessity. I also love popcorn way too much, and my drinks of choice are coffee, wine and/or Kombucha. In my spare time I am figuring out what my next tattoo will be or creating something!

Amina Malika (IG @earthinbawdy)

Ceramics | EARTHINBAWDY is both an ecological and social practice, composed of functional everyday artifacts that communities can gather around. This body of work bridges Amina Malika’s ethos as an earth-worker, land-tender, and herbalist with their new identity as a parent. Clay is a home for the food, herbs, and medicine Malika grows and gathers, as well as their creative medium. With an emphasis on process rather than perfection, Malika infuses their creations with deep intention and presence.

Noemi Delgado (IG @divinity.drops)

Herbal Tinctures | I am a birthworker and medicine maker. Inspired by preparing plant remedies for my loved ones over the years, I created Divinity Drops to offer sliding scale tinctures made with organic herbs to my greater community. Making medicine is how I connect with the earth and my ancestors.

Carabao Kids (IG @carabaokids)

Family Child Care | Five years in, and going strong! Established in 2016, Carabao Kids Family Child Care is a home-based learning community located in the Crocker Amazon/Southern Hills neighborhood in Daly City, Ca. Carabao Kids provides a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for children ages 2 to 4 years old.

Our program fosters children into socially and ecologically conscious, wildly creative, and community-oriented beings who are excited to learn and will positively impact our world. This is achieved through play-based learning, creative expression, storytelling, and outdoor exploration.

Check out their work and more vendor on Saturday, November 26 from 12 - 5 pm.

This event is sponsored by OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates.

A little about OCA: OCA-National is dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). OCA-San Francisco focuses on the inclusion and empowerment of AAPIs to become leaders in their community by providing space for connection, cultural identity expression, and supporting the community with resources that equip them with knowledge of AAPI history and advocacy

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