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Pottery Studio Neighborhood Walk: Our Fave Cafe's

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

2023 Edition

Here are our favorite cafes that are walking distance from our Mission St. Ceramics Studio. Tell us what were your faves and if you think we missed a spot!

Arizmendi Bakery: Panaderia & Pizzeria
1268 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

"We are a worker owned bakery that values social justice and local community. With a mindfulness for natural resources, we provide quality, affordable foods and create a democratic, supportive workspace. While providing workers with a sustainable living and ongoing skill development; we model and support alternative economies and cooperative ownership." - Arizmendi Mission St.

Yes, there is more to our favorite Bakery than AMAZING freshly made breads you won't find easily anywhere else. And their PIZZA OF THE DAY. You heard that right; a different combination of ingredients on a slice of pizza that changes e v e r y d a y . Best slice of pizza for the best price in town.

Our Recommendation:

Dirty Horchata with a baked good of your liking. We couldn't just pick one. They also change regularly and it's a treat to try. Do try their Pizza of The Day if you're needing a little more food for your belly.

Grand Coffee OG "Equal parts a product of love and good timing, Grand Coffee was founded by Nabeel Silmi in the post-recession days of 2010.

In the decade since, Grand has become a gathering place for all in the community: immigrants, artists, abuelas, tech workers, service workers, queer folx, people who just moved to San Francisco, people who have spent their whole lives in San Francisco, and so many more. " - Grand OG

Check out their "OG" spot that is closer to us or for bigger seating area check out their "TOO" location.

Our Recommendation:

Ask for Orange Blossom Syrup in your coffee or to see their pastry selection that always changes. Delicious surprises because you never know what they will have.

La Ventana Cafe

La Ventana is a window coffee spot serving up espresso drinks specializing in Latino based flavors because of course you are in the Latino Cultural District of San Francisco. They are the newest addition to the neighborhood and are housed in Donaji Restaurant which you also have to come back and try.

Our Recommendation: The best Cafe De Olla or the never seen anywhere else , Topo Rico a play on Topo Chico with espresso! What? Yes. Try it.

Philz Coffee


Yes, this is the location where it all started from.

From Phil , "After opening a convenience store in the heart of the Mission District in 1978, Phil spent 25 years learning, experimenting, and blending, with the goal of making a really, good cup of coffee. His passion for brewing coffee and building community laid the foundation for the first Philz Coffee shop on January 1, 2003 in the Mission District of San Francisco. What began as a labor of love became a national love affair, with stores across California and Chicago."

Our Recommendation: On a warm day Iced Mint mojito ; on a cold day Mocha Tesora. Every cup is handmade so also expect a wait; it is worth the wait.

Reem's California Mission "Reem’s offers the warmth of Arab hospitality through the discovery of flavors, aromas, and techniques of the modern Arab street corner bakery.

We create the experience of home through fresh baked bread, using traditional Arab flavors and local ingredients, all prepared with California love." -Reem's Mission St.

A little different from the usual Latin flavor you will find in the Mission but sometimes you want to try something different. They also have a full menu to order more than just a drink.

Our Recommendation: Cardamom latte and a Baklawa. Yum!

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