Blue Horse  Artist Ivan Lopez 2016
Blue Horse  Artist Ivan Lopez 2016
Blue Horse  Artist Ivan Lopez 2016

Ivan Lopez

Blue Horse Artist Ivan Lopez 2016

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Horse are noble creatures that have contributed to the development of our industrialize world of machines and technology. Today wild horse are a rare occurrence if you find a wild spirit enjoy its presence. Blue horse is a painting that gives thanks to those un-song heroes that carried humanity into new era of technology. 

M.E.: Mother Earth M.E. WE
The foundation of humanity's success can be entirely attributed to Mother Earth. Our collective "civilized world" would not exist without food, raw materials and ancient ecosystems - mountains and valleys and rivers.
The better M.E. is created if when we empathize & understand Mother Earth.
A world that is educated about how nature soothes our every need and shepherds our ecosystem is possible.
To live in a world reckless in consumption ignorant about the origin of goods doesn't need to be our Value structure.
WE can dream of creating a new value structure based on cooperation and sharing.
What YOU CAN do:
Planting trees/plants learning and growing food, understanding where water comes from, learning about birds animals fishes, learning about earths ecosystems. The Blue Economy Gunter Pauli