Latinx Gallery + Studio

In the summer of 2009 Artillery AG blossomed in the Mission district of San Francisco.  Founders Iván Lopez & Alexa Treviño set out to establish a creative gallery + studio that would embody Nature, Familia, + Cultura. 

To protect and preserve Nature. 

To grow what is means to be Family with all our relations. 

To connect and honor our Culture.


Artillery AG is home to many art forms that we are able to connect with. Creating with Clay, Earth, Paint, + Photography. 

With clay + flora we are able to honor our Pachamama. We connect with our earth each time we mold clay and tend to our plantitas. Giving thanks to the Ohlone people for allowing us to be on their land. 

Through photography we reflect the times + also our ancestors in each moment. Reminding us of the beauty we have within ourselves and that of our community, immortalized  with light. 

Painting is an act of resistance. You can see the stories of our people painted on the walls of the Mission. Each color expressing our vibrant cultura. Art is the universal language so powerful we can understand each other with  just a brush stroke. 

At Artillery AG we prioritize being a safe space for our

QT + BIPOC Community. We will not accept hate in our space.   

We welcome you to join our creative familia. 

Art is good for you homie! 

Mucho Amor + Buenas Vibras - Artillery AG Familia