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Pottery 101: How To Use The Slab Roller

Updated: Feb 22



Step One: Grab the slab mat from underneath the slab roller. Each mat is labeled either dark clay or light clay to honor the clay shades.


Step Two: Adjust the height of the metal roller to the height of your clay slab. Use the black handles on both sides of the machine and the measurements located right below the black handles. Sandwich the piece of clay in between the two slab sheets.

3 Tips:

  1. Start the measurement with the size of your clay slab.

  2. Make sure both sides are at the same measurement to avoid an uneven slab

  3. Make sure that the ends of the slab matts are even with each other to prevent clay from getting on the metal roller. Ex: 1/2 in. slab, put measurement on 1/2 in.


Step Three: Go slow with changing measurement and start the measurement with the size of the slab piece you have. Grab and pull the ends of the mats while rotating the lever to flatten the piece of clay.

Tip: Try turning the lever in the opposite direction if the slab roller doesn't move.


Step Four: Lower the height of the clay roller measurement (slowly, one size at a time) using the black handles then rotate the clay 90 degrees and flip the clay onto its other side.

Tip: Rolling the slab twice ensures the clay is fully flattened without any folds lines.


Step Five: Remove your slab and bring it to your work station.

Tips: Use a wooden board for extra thin slabs & Use a needle tool to poke out

any air bubbles you see on the surface of your slab



Step One: Grab a bucket of clean water and a sponge.

Step Two: Wipe down the slab mats and any surrounding area that may have clay on it.

Step Three: Put away the clean slab mat's under the slab machine.


It takes a team to make these Blogs a reality.

Special Thanks To:

Author - Anthony Rodriguez

Photographer- Somer Taylor

Photo Model - Spencer Louie

And a special thank you for reading and learning with us.

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