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Protection Aquafer by AKI

The Aquafers:

Each are handmade in the Artillery AG Ceramics Studio and infused with a particular intention. They can be used as planter's or in outdoor gardens as a watering system. 


How to use them outdoors? 

Fill them with water. Dig them underground a bit and they will slowly start to seep water out to the plants that are around them . Their purpose is to support in water conservation within your garden. 


The Artist :

AKI is a family of artists all supporting each visions to live a regerative life on our Earth as humans.

A is Baby Amate K is Mama Kelly and I is Papa Ivan. 

Together they are , AKI. 


Kelly Elizabeth Ortega is a Ceramicist and Kitchen Herbalism Gardener integrating the holistic knowledge of indigenous practices for mental, physical and spiritual health. She uplifts environmental activism through her Mindful Ceramics Programming and creating Ceramic Vessels with the purpose of ecological restoration, water conservation and local food security.


IVAN CAMILO LOPEZ is a Latinx painter and ceramicist accessing mystic energy and translating it into visual imagery. Ivan creates with the intention to awaken the indigenous human within all to create harmony with nature . He aspires to materialize a balance between the Mission District community and the natural environment.



Protection Aquafer by AKI

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