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Four Steps to Creating a Custom Ceramics Experience in the Artillery Studio !

Are you in search of a group experience for your family, friend group, office, class, or community group?

We're here to make your group's intentions & clay dream a reality

Follow the four easy steps below to create your custom ceramics workshop!

Step 1: Collective Intention

Contemplate the intention behind your gathering:

Are you commemorating an occasion?

Trying to break the ice with a new team?

Want to foster communication and collaboration? Think deep.

Clay is a capacious medium--it can hold what you need.

Step 2: Ceramics Creation

Think of a ceramics project for your group to create. At Artillery, we honor nature, our culture and our communities. We're inspired by gratitude for the elements that allow us to create; clay, water, air and fire.

Join us in gratitude, or look for inspiration in the reason for your gathering. If you would like to speak to an instructor at Artillery to brainstorm, just give us a call! Here are some ideas to get started--just remember--with clay, anything is possible.

  • Create a ceramics vessel to beautify a shared space